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Shopify and Shopify Plus are a powerful tools for B2B and Wholesale stores that integrates seamlessly with your business. Managing stores is considerably simpler with the B2B channel

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What is Shopify B2B and wholesale?

There are various approaches available for B2B and wholesale operations on Shopify. You can establish a password-protected commerce storefront that acts as an extension of your primary store. Alternatively, to elevate your business and enhance your brand’s presence, you can engage in wholesale activities through Shopify’s dedicated B2B ecommerce channel. Moreover, Shopify offers its latest B2B features, enabling you to modify prices and offer tailored B2B experiences within a single store. These features encompass creating custom rates for specific wholesale customers, bundling products, providing volume-based discounts, managing distinct customer profiles, and granting access to specific products for B2B customers with wholesale accounts.

It’s important to note that the native Shopify wholesale features are exclusively available with Shopify Plus, which comes at a higher cost. The starting price for a Shopify Plus plan is $2,000 per month, with expenses increasing as your business grows. However, the advantages of Shopify Plus include a dedicated wholesale channel and built-in B2B features. Additionally, the platform offers extensive customization, functionality, and automation possibilities through various Shopify apps. The comprehensive set of B2B features and systems provided by Shopify Plus justifies the price tag due to the substantial returns on investment.

If the budget doesn’t align with the Shopify Plus pricing plan, there are alternative solutions for B2B ecommerce. You can utilize B2B Shopify wholesale apps like SparkLayer, which offer a cost-effective option for businesses entering the B2B market. These apps provide benefits such as affordability for those not on the Shopify Plus plan, quick setup and integration with your business data, streamlined automation of wholesale operations, and an attractive self-service product experience for your customers. This flexibility allows you to efficiently scale your operations and propel your brand to greater heights.

Why is Shopify the perect platform for B2B and wholesale?

Once our team has designed your online store, we initiate the process of building a custom, tailor-made website. We are fortunate to possess an in-house team of developers with specialised expertise in coding UX designs. This encompasses proficiency in CSS, HTML, JSON, PHP, Liquid, Dawn, JavaScript, Ruby, Shopify CLI, and an array of other coding languages and tools. This ensures that every website we craft is meticulously optimised to function flawlessly on all devices, browsers, and in any corner of the globe. We’re committed to utilising the finest developer tools available to guarantee lightning-fast loading times for your platform.

What’s even more remarkable is our dedication to incorporating best-practice techniques and strategies into the very fabric of your website’s code. This approach is aimed at propelling your website to the forefront of search engine rankings, significantly increasing the likelihood of attracting a larger volume of potential customers to your website.

As a trusted web design agency, we possess the capability to recommend and seamlessly integrate bespoke solutions into your website, tailored to your specific needs. This unlocks a treasure trove of advanced features, enhancing usability for both you and your customers. Our expertise extends to building great functioning websites, offering an array of on-site functionalities that cater precisely to your users’ needs on the frontend.







Shopify’s B2B wholesale features are designed to streamline and enhance the experience for businesses engaged in wholesale transactions. With these features, businesses can offer unique pricing options, manage customer lists and profiles, and provide custom pricing lists to different B2B clients. The platform allows for volume-based discounts, flexible payment terms, and large order management. Shopify’s B2B capabilities also include seamless integration with the Handshake marketplace, ensuring a comprehensive solution for wholesale operations. Whether you choose to integrate B2B functionality into your existing store or use a separate wholesale channel, Shopify provides the tools and flexibility to cater to the unique needs of B2B customers while maintaining an efficient e-commerce environment.



Shopify’s most recent B2B feature release is designed to operate seamlessly through your original Shopify Plus storefront. This means that the content and experience remain consistent, while the pricing and B2B checkout options change based on the logged-in customer. The advantage of this approach is that you don’t need to manage multiple stores, and the B2B store doesn’t become a burden for your team. However, there isn’t a native way to modify content specifically for B2B customers unless you engage a Shopify agency capable of writing custom code to create dynamic content visible only to B2B customers. Offering B2B directly from your existing store is an excellent option when you’re just starting or want to test B2B on Shopify Plus. With Shopify Wholesale, you’ll be equiped with all the tools you need.



While Shopify’s B2B wholesale features offer valuable tools for businesses engaging in wholesale transactions, it’s important to be aware of their limitations. One significant limitation is that native content customisation for B2B customers is not available without the assistance of a Shopify agency capable of custom coding. This means that creating dynamic content exclusively for B2B customers can be challenging without additional development work. Additionally, while B2B features can function directly through an existing Shopify Plus storefront, managing content changes and pricing adjustments based on customer types may require more effort. Furthermore, while the Wholesale channel in Shopify Plus offers a separate, password-protected storefront for wholesale clients, it may necessitate advanced development to achieve specific features and functionalities desired by B2B merchants.

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Shopify’s B2B wholesale features are a powerful tool for businesses looking to streamline their wholesale operations. These features allow businesses to operate seamlessly through a single storefront, offering unique pricing options, products, customer lists, and profiles tailored to their B2B customers. With the Wholesale Channel, you can create a dedicated, password-protected space exclusively for wholesale transactions, ensuring that retail customers do not have access to this area. This flexibility extends to offering volume-based discounts, custom price lists, net payment terms, and the ability to manage large orders or credit limits. Additionally, integration with the Handshake marketplace enhances your B2B capabilities, and you can provide a unique checkout experience with NET payment terms for B2B customers. Get in touch today to talk about your Shopify B2B wholesale project.

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