Email Marketing and Retention Strategy That
Keeps Customers Coming Back

Our marketing solutions are designed to keep customers coming back, ensuring your business thrives with every click and conversion. Explore the power of email marketing, tailored to your brand’s unique needs, and discover the difference that Content Creators Blackpool can make in driving sustainable growth.

Email marketing

Email marketing campaigns that engage & retain customers, to increase their lifetime value.

Content Creators Blackpool's email marketing retention service offers a strategic plan that harnesses the knowledge and potential of email marketing campaigns to optimise your customers' lifetime value. Our team crafts a tailored approach based on your business, boosting the value each customer brings and consequently the ROI for your customer acquisition costs.


Segment customers to deliver personalised email experiences.

Boost your email marketing efforts by harnessing the power of real-time customer data integration. Our seamless connection between your business platform and email marketing system ensures that you have a constant stream of up-to-the-minute customer information. This real-time data feed empowers us to segment your customer base according to their behaviour, enabling personalised communication from your brand precisely when their online interactions change.

Our segmentation goes beyond just location and on-site behavior; it extends into every facet of your online presence. Whether you run an e-commerce store, offer loyalty programs, manage subscribers, or gather reviews, we have you covered. We also delve into customer characteristics and preferences, including recent quiz completions, to fine-tune your messaging.

Our initial discovery process involves thorough market research and an understanding of your brand’s mission and goals. This information guides us in recommending the most effective segmentation strategies tailored to your unique business.

Create an online experience that allows you to connect with your customers on a deeper level and enhance their overall brand experience. We are email marketing experts ready to elevate your brand’s presence.


Using the power of automation to maximise untapped revenue.

Automation lies at the heart of our email, SMS, and retention strategies, harnessing the formidable capabilities of the tools and software we use. Automation flows within email and SMS marketing enable us to seamlessly enrol consenting customers into automatic communication sequences when they join a new segmented group. For instance, when a customer subscribes to your newsletter, we initiate a sequence of tailored emails to warmly welcome them into your community or automatically re-engage customers who’ve left items in their cart. We meticulously delve into the details, ensuring automated criteria-based communication leaves no revenue unexplored.

The possibilities for automatic communication flows are boundless. We consider your entire on-site tech stack when implementing automation. For instance, we automatically welcome new members to your loyalty scheme or trigger a series of emails to re-engage existing subscribers at the most opportune moment to prevent churn from your subscriptions. Notably, Klaviyo customers reaped the rewards of £14.8 billion in revenue from automation between January and November 2022. Content Creators Blackpool thrives on automatic communication as a central part of our strategy. We continuously test our strategies with the power of split A/B testing and performance tracking to maximise conversions on your website. Additionally, we optimise pop-ups and forms to maximise sign-ups.

Our mastery of automation extends beyond enhancing customer lifetime value. We use it to target specific on-site KPIs and goals, such as boosting conversion rates with cart abandonment emails or increasing average order value by showcasing related products. We employ an array of tools to dynamically present the most relevant products to your customers. Reach out to our team today to discover how we can elevate your retention email marketing strategy to new heights. Prioritising retention has never been more vital in your digital marketing strategy, and Content Creators Blackpool offers some of the most innovative ideas for your brand to keep prospects returning.

Email designs

Engaging customers with the power of email design.

Creative excellence and engagement-focused design form the bedrock of everything we do at Content Creators Blackpool, and it’s one of the core values that sets our agency apart, from our business web development, e-commerce store builds to our retention services. Our email marketing strategies recognise the potency of beautiful, on-brand, and KPI-driven UI/UX and graphic design, and we integrate these elements seamlessly into our email marketing and SMS strategies. Content creation serves as the cornerstone of our strategy.

Above all, we conceptualise communication assets that embody a consistently creative representation of your branding, including your logo, colour schemes and more. This ensures that when your customers receive our email campaigns in their inbox, it feels like an extension of your store. Simultaneously, we meticulously craft user interfaces and experiences that captivate customers and drive them to take action, using dynamic product placements, precise email timings, clear CTAs, and a trusted overall experience. Our approach also includes bespoke and tailored copywriting with performance as the focal point. We adopt a process-driven approach to design and copy that results in a content marketing calendar that operates year-round. Our plans encompass comprehensive reporting and data analysis as well.

Elevate your communications with designs that catch your customer’s eye, command their attention, and encourage them to return. Whether your customers encountered your social media marketing ads, TikTok advertising, or discovered you on Google, we ensure they keep coming back. We’re poised to revolutionise your retention strategy through an ongoing quest to find innovative ways to engage more customers and deliver insightful and targeted performance marketing messages. Regardless of your industry, we apply our expertise to produce an outstanding creative direction for your email communications. We delve into persona analysis, customer funnel journeys, competitor reviews, brand voice, and customer interactions within your email strategy, ensuring your message resonates effectively.

SMS marketing

Up to 94% open rates - Leverage SMS marketing for growth & retention.

Picture a means of communicating with your customers that can achieve up to 94% open rates and generate 5.5 times as many clicks compared to email marketing – enter SMS marketing. Were you aware that 1 in 3 consumers prefers SMS messages from their favourite brands over emails? Empower your customers with choice by offering SMS as a marketing option.

Our expertise and skills shine in the realm of SMS marketing services, serving as a strategy to keep customers returning to your store well beyond logistical messaging. Our SMS campaigns meticulously segment customers based on their unique buying journeys, ensuring we connect with them precisely at the right moment. For instance, we offer tap-to-subscribe welcome offers, unveil new product announcements, or present time-sensitive sales opportunities. Our campaigns even integrate support directly within your marketing strategy, allowing customers to respond with ease.

We conduct split A/B testing across a spectrum of ideas to identify the most high-performing and results-driven approach tailored to your brand’s needs. Our campaigns are attuned to your consented target audience, respecting opt-out preferences, and prioritising the enhancement of your customers’ experience. Reach out today for a complimentary SMS consultation and let’s discuss SMS marketing for your company, regardless of your expectations, to deliver the finest SMS experience to your audiences.

Our marketing service employs dedicated strategies, powered by email, SMS, and loyalty-driven technology, to maximise the value of every customer and enhance customer retention.

Our retention-focused content marketing service places email marketing at its core, delivering strategies that ensure timely and meaningful communication with your target customers. By leveraging email marketing, our strategies effectively engage customers from their very first interaction with your store. We employ customer segmentation to tailor communication and information delivery precisely to each stage of their buying journey, all powered by intelligent marketing automation email flows. Additionally, we harness the impressive 94% open rates offered by SMS.

Our email marketing services are designed to re-engage your customer base, foster lasting relationships, and maximize customer retention for our clients.

Pixflow Retain embraces a holistic approach custom-tailored to your business, incorporating email marketing, SMS, loyalty programs, subscriptions, and more. We also segment customers within loyalty schemes or potential/existing subscribers to identify potential commercial opportunities, ensuring customers keep returning to your e-commerce store. Our ultimate goal is to maximise the lifetime value each customer brings to your business, thereby enhancing the ROI you receive from these channels. When a customer you acquired spends more over time than the original cost of acquisition from channels like PPC, search, or social media, you’ll experience a better ROI, making acquisition sustainable for your company.