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Subscription benefits

Why selling subscriptions matter in e-commerce

Given that the ecommerce subscription sector is expected to grow from £15 billion in 2019 to £473 billion by 2025, it represents a substantial opportunity for both established and aspiring businesses. Subscriptions offer valuable resources, including data analytics for understanding business cycles and revenue streams. This insight empowers your company to plan strategically for sustained growth and scalability over the long term. It's worth noting that acquiring a new customer can cost five to ten times more than retaining an existing one, underscoring the significance of incorporating subscriptions into your Shopify strategy to focus on nurturing relationships with your current ecommerce customers. Delivering the best possible subscription user experience is crucial for customer retention, and this article provides a comprehensive guide on how to integrate subscriptions into your Shopify store, allowing customers to conveniently subscribe to your products.

Shopify subscriptions powered by ReCharge to maximise customer loyalty

Take advantage of the full potential of your current customer base and attract new clients by introducing a subscription offering to your store. Recharge’s subscription management app seamlessly integrates with Shopify, enabling you to incorporate an additional revenue stream into your e-commerce website while cultivating brand loyalty through recurring charges.

Online store vendors can now effortlessly integrate with Recharge to offer a frictionless subscription experience. The Recharge app simplifies subscription management, streamlines the checkout process, and allows you to efficiently oversee multi-channel commerce options, all within a single, user-friendly interface.

Ensuring smooth recurring payments is essential for both your customers and your Shopify store’s efficiency. Thanks to our integrated Shopify checkout, customers no longer need to navigate separate checkouts based on their cart contents. Furthermore, our multi-currency feature empowers merchants to expand their reach globally. Now, your online store can harness the capabilities of an app like Recharge for streamlined subscription and customer management, while order processing—whether for a subscription, one-time purchase, or a combined cart—remains seamlessly executed through Shopify.

This integration allows you to offer diverse options to your customers. You can combine multiple products into a thoughtfully curated box or grant customers the freedom to personalize their own bundle. By leveraging your curation expertise, you can add value for both one-time and subscription customers, ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction and increasing customer lifetime value (LTV).



Build-a-box functionality is becoming increasingly popular, especially for subscription-based businesses. This feature is particularly advantageous for Shopify brands that offer low-cost items that become economically viable when sold in larger quantities online. A prime example of such products is small-sized food items. The build-a-box feature empowers customers to create their own customised assortment of products, offering a win-win solution for both merchants and customers. Merchants can still sell their products in their preferred quantities, while customers retain the power of choice.



Subscription e-commerce simplifies regular online purchases, catering to customers seeking convenience. When Shopify merchants adopt subscriptions, it streamlines the process for customers buying frequently, eliminating the need to navigate through lengthy checkout procedures repeatedly. In today’s fast-paced shopping landscape, speed and ease are paramount. By incorporating subscriptions, merchants not only make products more affordable through discounts but also foster customer loyalty, turning one-time shoppers into long-term patrons. With a steady flow of recurring revenue, they gain access to vital data.

Subscription benefits

Consistent monthly revenue

Predictable monthly income from your Shopify store streamlines operations, from inventory management to sales projections, while providing clarity on reinvestment opportunities for business growth. Subscription data eases financial and sales inquiries, allowing you to allocate resources to customer support and order fulfillment for improved customer satisfaction.

Subscription options enhance affordability for customers, offering billing discounts. Unlike businesses relying on pay-per-product pricing models, subscription integration reduces the need for extensive content creation, marketing, and advertising efforts, curbing customer acquisition costs that often burden startups and small businesses.

Embracing a subscription-based model provides consistent monthly revenue, reducing the pressure for large upfront payments and offering flexibility in pricing. This financial buffer not only enhances cash flow but also instills confidence in future order fulfillment.

Customer value

Improved Lifetime Value and AOV

Regular transactions fueled by subscriptions offer valuable insights into customer behavior, empowering continuous enhancement of personalized experiences that encourage user loyalty. This virtuous cycle thrives on the recurring nature of subscriptions, fostering incredibly devoted customers who, when properly cultivated, spend 67% more than new ones, forming the bedrock of customer lifetime value (LTV)—a critical success metric.

The subscription model uniquely positions you to drive increased turnover from your existing customer base, boosting Shopify Average Order Value (AOV). With ongoing contact through subscriptions, trust and rapport are nurtured, simplifying the marketing of additional products, as customers already recognise the value and reliability of your service. Contact us today for expert subscription management through APIs and integrations.

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Which model to choose

Shopify subscription models

Before embarking on the journey of setting up your online subscriptions, it’s essential to carefully consider your product selection and the type of subscription model that aligns with your business strategy. This decision hinges on factors such as the nature of your products, your overall business approach, and your ability to convey the value proposition of subscribing through your e-commerce platform. There are several subscription models to choose from, each catering to different customer needs and preferences.

For instance, you might opt for ‘testing packs,’ exclusively available to subscribers, providing them with a taste of your offerings before committing to a larger purchase. ‘Refill subscriptions’ are ideal for customers who frequently require your products, ensuring they receive timely replenishments. Additionally, ‘memberships’ grant access to exclusive rewards and perks, such as free delivery, fostering customer loyalty.

When it comes to replenishable products, integrating Shopify subscriptions is a game-changer. Imagine this: the moment a customer’s stock of your replenishable product starts dwindling, a fresh replacement is already on its way. That’s the promise of Shopify subscriptions in action. Product refill subscriptions are particularly suited for items like consumables, such as protein shakes, pet food, beauty products, or health and wellness essentials like vitamins.

Once you’ve determined your product offerings and subscription model, you can leverage the insights and guidance provided in this article to kickstart your subscription-based venture with Shopify, setting the stage for a successful e-commerce journey.

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